Thursday, December 16, 2010

It all started with some fan mail...

When we were featured on Regretsy's Advent Calendar, originally the response was super positive.  Here are some of the comments we received via Etsy's messaging system:

  • I am sure that you're up to your uterus in hate mail, so I wanted to write to you in support of what you do! I don't know how you even came up with the idea, but I think it's brilliant!! I think it's great that you are brave enough to put your controversial art out there and represent those of us who support the right to choose. I am also quite pleased to see that your proceeds go towards ************! Good luck, and happy fucking holidays! I hope you piss off tons of people. :)
  • I love your stuff. Its well done, humorous and just plain fantastic. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art :)
  • I'm loving your shop! These abornaments are going to make perfect gifts for my escorting pals.
  • you are my hero. happy selling:)
  • I think I'm in love with you.
And here are some of the amazingly hilarious comments on our Regretsy feature:
  • Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than a glitter vagina and a pipe cleaner umbilical cord.
  • There should be an award for best use of a pipe cleaner in a craft. This is how it’s done bitches
  • This could only be more awesome if it were made of all edible products. Sugar cookie vagina & fondant baby jeebus for the win!!!
  • I am absolutely asthmatic with laughter over this. Tasteless and tactless, yet rude! WINNAR.
  • I knew there was a reason I couldn’t find the box of homemade ornaments for our tree. It’s God’s Way of telling me I need to buy a set of these.
  • Christmas is FINALLY controversial!
  • Clitter!
  • The thing that worries me the most is that my vagina looks nothing like the ones on Etsy. I’m embarrassed to go to the doctor, but I feel like I might not be normal, you know, *down there*.
  • I am a proud pro-choice Atheist and I honestly don’t see them as “gross”, however immature. Sometimes life just needs to be a little less serious. Not like I’m gonna go skewer some baby-kabobs just because I saw it on the internet.
  • I checked the other offerings from this seller. The “Festive Crack Baby” was also a winner.
So, you can see why we would initially think that we were a hit!  Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way... stay tuned for some wonderful text-based exchanges of hatred and threats of eternal hellfire.

We are leaving out usernames to protect our fans from unwanted backlash.  If you would like to be credited for your comments (or have them removed), please contact us and let us know!

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